So Conor McGregor’s situation with the UFC is a little messed up, I’m sure most of you are familiar with this situation. We will be having an open “debate” on our personal opinions of the McGregor situation, whether he should headline UFC 200 now, and how should if not. Text beginning with “CM:” is written by Chad Milburn, “AS:” by Andrew Smolen. Let us know in the comments section what you all think about the situation as well as what we say throughout the article.

AS: By letting McGregor back onto the UFC 200 card, it just shows that the UFC no longer has full control over itself and its athletes. The UFC should be before the individual athletes competing.

CM: I think what you are saying is very good, but Conor does make the UFC a lot of money and did have his fair share of press obligations when promoting UFC 189 and 194 with the world tour he went on with Jose Aldo.

AS: Along with that is where it changes. He thinks he is in control here and gets to decide what he does and doesn’t do. When Jon Jones and Chris Weidman had these same obligations you never heard of anything like this happening. They understand it is part of the job they hold, and when Conor doesn’t fulfil his obligations the UFC is in their right mind to take him off the card. If he doesn’t want to do the press, don’t be a fighter. It’s as simple as that. He expects Nate Diaz to do all of the press but doesn’t want to himself.

CM: That is where I draw the line with Conor’s antics. Instead of totally neglecting his media obligations, I feel like the UFC and Conor could work out a slightly smaller press tour that applies to all the fighters and not just Conor. Conor comes off as a sour grape, the first UFC loss he takes and now he does not want to speak to any press. There should be a middle ground these two can meet as Conor has generated much more press in a couple tweets than the press conference on Friday did.

AS: That’s where I disagree, yes he has generated a lot of media attention from those tweets, but what does the first one have to do with UFC 200? Those tweets weren’t about the fight they were about him trying to get his way. Along with that I hope that he isn’t allowed back on the card for one reason, Nate Diaz deserves a fight against a top contender in his division, not a smaller fighter who’s ego is too big for his body and thinks he can go beat a champ at a weight above him just because of a few fights against “midgets” as Nate said.

CM: I take your points, but Nate himself said he only wants to fight Conor and why should Nate lose out on another huge pay day because of Conor’s antics. Who should Nate fight specifically, and what if he truly will only fight Conor?

AS: I think in order for Nate to not want to fight Conor, you offer him a fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov for the right to fight the winner of dos Anjos vs Alvarez. I think this fight is one more suited for the enjoyment of the fans and will test both Nate and Khabib and prove to the world that either of them is ready for a title shot.

CM: But Nate does not care about titles. He, like Conor, wants the biggest payday. No fight for Nate other than GSP or Robbie Lawler even comes close to the payday and PR that a McGregor rematch would. That is why the UFC must find a common ground to get Conor back on this card. Nate deserves this payday more than anything.

AS: With the way they could promote it, and the two fighters, a fight between Nate and Khabib could be the second biggest fight of the year, only behind Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2. That payday would be huge, not to mention if he wins the payday for winning the title let alone fighting for it would be insane. By fighting Conor he gets no closer to a payday within his division, and will have to keep wanting a superfight in order to get that payday. The best way to guarantee to continue to be payed is by fighting Khabib and then by winning that fight taking on the title shot.

CM: Fighting Conor definitely pays more than Khabib and title shots do not determine a huge payday in the UFC. Nate wants his money right now, and the best way to do that and better promote himself would be surely to get a McGregor rematch. If he wins that decisively, he could become just as big a star and draw that McGregor currently is. Also, if Nate doesn’t want to fight anyone but McGregor, why punish him?

AS: The thing is Nate is smart enough of a man that he knows the McGregor fight is a last time deal. No matter what this will be his last fight with McGregor. He would understand if the UFC scheduled him a fight that can bring in a large sum to then have the chance to win the title shot, which does not guarantee more money, but makes the idea of making more every fight more realistic. If he beats McGregor again (which I believe he will with ease especially with a full camp) it won’t mean as much because like the first fight everybody will use the excuse that he is a higher weight class. It’s a no win situation for Nate and I hope he realizes the only thing he gets is a one time payday, but doesn’t get any larger pay for the future. A championship bout will be able to attract more, and if he becomes the Champ he will have more duties and will make more money, if not per fight, through endorsements and other deals.

CM: By beating Conor twice, Nate will have his own PPV drawing power just like McGregor. No one else can promote Nate like a fight with McGregor. He already said he does not care about belts. Also, we know the Diaz brothers are not afraid to leave MMA for long periods of time until they get a fight they want, normally a big money fight. Is it worth losing Diaz because McGregor wants to train more and do less press? The middle ground can and should be met to keep this fight alive.

AS: Basically what I’m saying through all of this is why let Conor get away with this type of situations, when Aldo, Jones, Holm, and every other fighter could not get away from it before. Why should Conor get special treatment. No fighter is bigger than the organization. Also Conor is thinking as if he’s an all time great, as if he’s on the level of GSP, Anderson Silva, and JBJ who are in all honesty the only 3 fighters in the UFC who should be able to have any form of special treatment, because they are all in the question of best fighter of all time, something Conor isn’t even in the same ballpark as these fighters as he’s only fought 8 total fights in the UFC, if one of these two fighters deserves this special treatment it’s Nate Diaz who has time and time again saved the UFC from disaster.

CM: Conor did not save the UFC from disaster twice when he took Mendes and Diaz on late notice to preserve the fight cards? But, I digress and move on to one last topic for us to ponder, what fight would you like to see headline UFC 200 if it is not Diaz-McGregor 2 as it looks to be. I know Cormier-Jones 2 is picking up a lot of steam, but I would still personally love to see Robbie Lawler fight on the UFC 200 card in some way, shape, or form. The guy always puts on a show for the fans.

AS: I would love Cormier-Jones 2 as well as Lawler against either Condit again (nobody can deny it was a great fight) or possibly Tyron Woodley as neither have fights scheduled. That would leave us with 4 title fights (Cormier-Jones 2, Aldo-Edgar, Tate-Nunes, and Lawler and whoever else sneaks in with him) as well as Velasquez-Browne. It may leave us with a quick drought of no title fights but it is 100 percent worth it. It’s UFC 200 lets see a card worthy of the name!

CM: I agree that would be a great card, but I feel like 4 title fights may be a bit much. The UFC recently advertised UFC 200 as having 3 title fights. Jones-Cormier 2 would be a great headliner unless they can convince GSP to fight Robbie Lawler. Hopefully, Nate can also stay on the card and fight Tony Ferguson or another lightweight contender. That would give us Cormier-Jones 2, Aldo-Edgar 2, Tate-Nunes, Diaz-Ferguson, and Velasquez-Browne. That would truly be a great fight card that one would remember for a long time.
And with that, we will wrap up our little debate/opinion discussion. I hope everyone enjoyed what we brought to the table. Also, do not be afraid to put your opinions for the McGregor situation and the overall UFC 200 card in the comments section. Until next time, thanks for the read!


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