By: Chad Milburn

Early Wednesday, on Good Morning America, the UFC announced the new main event for UFC 200. Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 2 for the Light Heavyweight Title. This fight has the makings to be the biggest Light Heavyweight title fight ever. Cormier has looked much improved since his first loss to Jon Jones, disposing of Rumble Johnson and Alexander Gustafsson. Jon Jones, just this past weekend defeated Ovince Saint Preux for the interim Light Heavyweight title. The best part of this upcoming fight, however, is the disdain that Cormier and Jones share together. This hatred was most certainly not hidden at all either today, when the UFC held a UFC 200 press conference at Madison Square Garden today. I suggest if you have not watched the press conference that you do so as the trash talking was at an all time high between Jon and Daniel. Here are our thoughts on the new UFC 200 Main Event.

I personally like this main event better than the McGregor-Diaz rematch. It may not sell as many pay per views, but I think it will be a much more competitive fight. I cannot wrap my head around how the McGregor-Diaz fight ends in a different winner than the first. Cormier-Jones 2, I think, will be a much closer contest than the first one. Daniel Cormier has proven to be a top tier Light Heavyweight during Jon’s absence. The war with Gustafsson and fight where Rumble almost knocked him out in the opening minute is a testament to how much stronger minded Daniel is since his first fight with Jon. He will come into this fight with a lot more confidence and will not wilt in the final rounds as he did in the first fight. Jon on the other hand just ended his drought from the UFC with an uneventful, but impressive beating of Ovince Saint Preux where he definitively won all 5 rounds of the fight. What impressed me most with Jones was how much stronger he has become since power lifting. His take downs of Saint Preux where he lifed Ovince over his head and brutally slammed him to the floor were very good showcases of the brute strength he possesses. I know this fight may not be as popular as Nate and Conor’s rematch, but I am confident the people who watch this fight will be very satisfied with a possible fight of the year candidate as the headline of the biggest UFC pay per view to date.

Video Can Be Found Here:

UFC 200 Press Conference: Tickets on Sale


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